In all object making, that aspect which relates to its conceptual interpretation is ART, that which relates the object to an intended purpose is DESIGN, and the quality of its execution is CRAFT.
— Basu

Through the gifted combination of color, texture, and materials, I create my ART, fine handcrafted heirloom worthy jewelry. Using such gifts, I enjoy creating modern statements out of traditional design elements. My handcrafted jewelry represents a sophistication of simplicity. The creative inspiration that encourages me comes from my faith, loved ones, travels and years of an appreciation of good design in many forms. My work is strongly influenced by the decorative arts and architecture as my resume represents many years of experience in the design industry. 

I enjoy working with clients to incorporate pieces from their personal collections or one of my curated selections into a modern aesthetic that they will enjoy wearing or giving. My goal is to DESIGN stylish pieces that are timeless, classic and could be passed to another generation. Whether designing commissioned pieces for the Heirloom Collection, creating one-of-a-kind signature pieces for the Crown Collection or curating the Estate Collection, thoughtful design is always the foundation.

Giving attention to the smallest details I strive for excellent in the execution of CRAFT. Respecting the integrity of historical pieces, my desire is to preserve the beauty of its design while it into a new modern statement.. As with many antique and vintage pieces, they have acquired imperfections from the years that add to the beauty and charm of the piece. These imperfections give the jewelry integrity and a sense of history and are to be appreciated. Such aged character sets the jewelry pieces apart in a world of mass produced pieces. 

I consider it an honor and a joy to bring new life to vintage, antique and sentimental pieces. It is wonderful to see how an old and maybe forgotten piece starts to take on a new life as a piece of wearable history. Jewelry can be a beautiful of our loved ones and their place in the stories of our lives. Through the aspects of Art, Design and Craft I fine handcrafted jewelry with a story to be cherished.

IN THE SPIRIT OF GIVING, Amanda Thompson Design supports Mercy Multiplied. Amanda was honored with the commission of designing a necklace in support of the future Mercy Multiplied home in Charlotte, N.C..